Weber Summit 7370001 Liquid-Propane Gas Grill

Editor rating

4.3/5 on October 18, 2016

User's rating

72 reviews


  • 769-square-inch Cooking Space
  • 60,800-BTU Total Cooking Output
  • Flavorizer Bars
  • 6 Stainless Steel burners
  • SnapJet Ignition System
  • Smoke Burner
  • Infrared Rotisserie
  • Side Burner
  • Sear Station Burner
  • Grill Out Light
  • Front-Mounted Controls
  • 5-Year Guarantee


  • Quality issues


This top-of-the-line grill is the perfect companion for grilling enthusiasts. All around great features and fantastic extras!

Rounding off our list of high-end gas grill is the Weber Summit 7370001 stainless steel gas grill. This contemporary grill comes with all the extra goodies you can expect from a top of the line griller, including extra cooking space, more controls, and burners as well as side burners, sear station, smoker box, rotisserie, the whole shebang.

The 7370001 has a total cooking output of 60,800 BTUs, 769-square-inch cooking space, and flavorizer bars. It comes with front-mounted controls, six burners with each one powered by SnapJet burner ignition system. The side burners allow you to smoke, sear, roast and warm any types of meats and fish. The 7370001 comes with enclosed cart plus 2 extra work areas for food preps. There is a couple of grill out lights to keep your food warm as you cook.

This is a well-made grill and putting it to the test; we’re convinced that the 7370001 is one of the best grills that are available on the market. Is the price tag worth it? It is as long as you can maximize the grill itself. At more than two grand, this grill is designed specifically for BBQ junkies, not those who are getting into grilling for the first time. As for the negatives, some users say theirs came in with damaged components, which is unacceptable at this price point. That said, Weber offers a 5-year guarantee on all its grills for a worry-free purchase.

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