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Winter is just around the corner and it won’t take long before you bust out your portable space heater! While most households have their own HVACs systems, using these heaters are very expensive. A portable indoor heater allows you to achieve warm, cozy temps without the eye-watering monthly bills.

Benefits of a Portable Indoor Heater

Space heaters are not only affordable, they are able to warm any area of the home. These devices are perfect for houses and condos alike. Below are the major benefits of using a space heater:


Most portable heaters come with a ceramic heating element, which allows warm air to pass through a space while a fan blows the heated air outwards. Space heaters make a low-risk investment. They are not only effective in terms of warming up a space within minutes, basic models fetch as low as 20 bucks!


Apart from being affordable, space heaters are incredibly safe to use too! Most space heaters come with an auto shut-off mechanism that enables them to stop once the ideal air temperature has been achieved. Others come with components that reduce electric usage once the indoor air has reached certain temperatures.

Customized Heat

If only a section of your home requires heating, there’s no need to turn on the entire HVAC system. You can use a portable space heater to warm up any spot in the home. Most space heaters are compact, they can be carried from room to room, providing customized heating anywhere and anytime! In addition, these devices require no setup or added installation so they are very user-friendly. Beyond the home, you can use a space heater when you’re outdoors.

Space heaters that require hardwiring are just as convenient to use. Though they are not portable, they offer customized heating while reducing your energy consumption.

Quiet Operation

Although not all space heaters work quietly, most are undisruptive. They are so quiet that you can use one to warm up the nursery or the kid’s bedroom. Usually, these devices generate a low hum, similar to the low noise generated by an electric fan. Some units come with a timer, so it shuts off at certain times of the day to save energy.

Effective Air Heating

The most important advantage of a space heater is its effectiveness. Most space heaters can warm up entire rooms, including the living area and master’s bedroom. Moreover, the air stays warm long after the space heater has shut itself off. A basic space heater can heat 100 square feet of space per 1000 watts. Some models also come with an adjustable thermostat, allowing you to set specific temps before the unit shuts itself off.

Energy Saving

With a space heater, you don’t consume as much energy as say, using your HVAC system to warming up your living space. A standalone space heater requires very little energy to work and it warms up indoor air just as quickly as your HVAC system.

$100 and Below

Affordable, compact, and fuss-free, standalone space heaters at this price point offers efficient room heating, standard timers, and compact design.

Lasko 6435 Designer Series Ceramic Oscillating Heater 

We’re starting our list of the best space heater with the Lasko 6435, a space heater made from ceramic. It’s compact, stylish, and it’s very practical. This space heater promises full-room coverage thanks to its oscillating heater. It also features a self-regulating ceramic component that balances the level of heated air within a space. The adjustable thermostat is a great feature because it allows for better temperature control. And if you live for worry-free operation, the 6435 has a 7 hour timer with an auto shut-off feature! Just turn this space heater on and forget about it, how’s that for convenience?

And if you’re worried about safety, the 6435 comes with an automatic overheat protection so this device will never overheat. Combined with its auto shut off feature, the 6435 is a pretty safe heater, perfect for a household with kids. We also loved the quiet operation; it’s not the kind of heater that generates an annoying hum at all. The elegant design and neutral colorways will complement any home. It also arrives fully assemble so installation is effortless.

As for the downsides, this is not the most durable of all space heaters. The ceramic material means it’s not shatter-proof so if you have playful pets or kids, this is not the best space heater to get. Also, the lack of low thermostat setting limits the control over the indoor air temps when in use.

Holmes Quartz Tower Heater

Holmes’ tower space heater features a chunky, squat design as well as two heat modes that promise to provide “sun-like” heat. This device has several useful features that we think you’d maximize, including the auto shut off feature, thermostat control, and tip-over protection.

Its dual heat modes allow you to warm up larger rooms while the brand’s patented MaxFlow fan system improves airflow while quickly dispersing warm air without causing a draft. Holmes’ tower space heater also features two quartz elements that glow a hypnotizing red, alerting users that the front grill is hot to the touch. The thermostat setting lets you adjust the air temps to your desired level.

The front grille gets hot at times, hence, it’s not safe to use in the kid’s bedroom, the Holmes’ tower space heater also features an anti-tip-over design so it won’t get knocked over accidentally. The auto shut off feature ensures that the device will not overheat so it’s safe to use for an extended period. We also love the adjustable power to save on energy. You can opt for the 750 watts for smaller rooms and 1500 watts to warm up a large bedroom within minutes. It’s not the quietest space heater we’ve tested so this might not be the best choice for the nursery. Also, some users say their models generated a queer burning smell. Thankfully, Holmes offers a six-year warranty on their heaters.

Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater

The Lasko 755320 is a ceramic tower heater that offers 1500 of comfort, all in a slim, stylish form factor. Because it’s compact, it is a great heater for condos, apartments, and small rooms. All the controls are mounted on the top of the heater, complete with a digital display for easy monitoring. At a glance, you can track the indoor temps as well as the heating speed of the 755320.

We also loved the intuitive features of the 755320, including the widespread oscillation, auto shut-off feature, 8-hour timer, and programmable thermostat. The heat shut off feature allows for internal and external ambient temperatures adjustments. The 755320 comes fully assembled right out the box so just plug it in and you’ll be enjoying cozy warmth within minutes. The controls may look intimidating for first-time users but overall, this space heater is very user-friendly. Its compact, portable design means you can carry this space heater from one room to the other.

As for the negatives, this heater does not have a thermostat function when set to low power. Also, some users say the 755320 is prone to overheating, not the unit itself but the plug. To avoid overheating, make sure the voltage output is set right.

DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater

DeLonghi’s HMP1500 heater is a mica, panel-style heater with a slim design and convenient wall-mountable option. Because it’s sleek and compact, you can use this heater in the home and beyond. Designed for the bedroom, living room, and the office, the HMP1500 features customizable settings between 750 watts and 1500 watts as well as thermal cut-off as protection from overheating. Other features worth noting is the internal tip-over switch, power alert indicator lights, and adjustable thermostat.

What’s unique about this space warmer is that you have the option to mount the HMP1500 to the wall. Just remove the “feet” from the base of the heater and use the mounting kit that comes with the package to mount it to any wall and save more space! Also, the HMP1500 generates electromagnetic waves to warm up any room without a noisy blower.

The unit also comes with its own carry handle and castors so you can enjoy cozy air anywhere! The HMP1500 promises whisper quiet operation and we agree, but the noiseless operation is more pronounced when set in the lowest setting.

Now for the drawbacks, our unit worked fine during testing but one of the most common complaints about the HMP1500 is the poor quality. Some users say their units died within just a few weeks of use.

Lifesmart Large Room 6 Element Infrared Heater

The Lifesmart standalone space heater features 6 quartz infrared elements for efficient room warming. It’s incredibly energy efficient thanks to its 3 modes, including an eco-setting which only uses 500 watts. The eco-setting works great if you’d like to warm up a small room. This heater also features remote control for easy room-to-room operation, a 12-hour dual timer, and a digital thermostat for better control over the indoor temps.

Lifesmart’s infrared heater gets plus points for its host of energy efficient features. This is the best heater for those who’d like to reduce their energy consumption. Of course, using less energy may limit the speed in which the heater warms up the room, a happy compromise if you’re intent on reducing your monthly bill. This heater isn’t the best looking or the slimmest device on this list but it makes up for durability.

As for the downsides, this is not very compact. The squat, chunky design will not appeal to some. Some users had issues with the overall quality of this heater but at this price point, we were pleasantly surprised at the Lifesmart heater’s coverage. This is the kind of heater that you’d like to get if you have larger rooms.

$200 and Below

Space heaters at this price points offer more features and larger coverage. Mid-range space heaters typically come with infrared heating element, dual-use blower, remote controls, and a digital display!

Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

Dr. Infrared Heater’s DR-968 is a hefty space heater that comes with great features that’ll save you more energy without compromising comfort! The DR-968 features and auto energy saving mode as well as an advanced dual heating system for bigger savings on your monthly bill. DR-968 combines PTC and quartz infrared element to generate heat in large and small rooms alike. The brand promises that the DR-968 works quickly in terms of achieving the ideal temps within a room while ensuring the highest safety standard.

The DR-968 also comes with useful features that we think anyone could maximize. These features include a 12-hour auto shut-off timer, high pressure-low noise blower, electronic thermostat, heavy-duty caster wheels and lifetime filters. Because of its square design, the DR-968 is perfect for households with kids and pets. It’s stable so there’s no fear of the space heater tipping over. There’s an OR remote control so you don’t have to adjust the settings manually. Using the DR-968, you can choose between 1000 watts or 1500 watts.

Now for the downsides, most customer complaints are focused on the inability of the DR-968 to heat larger rooms as advertised. Also, though it heats the room quickly, we doubt the brand’s claim that the DR-968 generates 60% of heat than other brands.

DeLonghi TRD40615E Full Room Radiant Heater

The DeLonghi TRD40615E is a radiant heater that promises “1500 watts of heating power and silent operation.” This slim space heater is perfect for larger rooms that need constant heat especially during the winter season. This heater features patented steel construction and permanently sealed oil reservoir to prevent constant refilling. The brand claims that the TRD40615E can produce 40% of surface heat. It also features thermal chimneys to maximize heat flow while still being cool to the touch.

We liked the digital controls, adjustable thermostat and multiple heat settings because of the level of control the TRD40615E gives to users. We especially loved its ECO setting because the device adjusted the heat automatically without doing a number on our budget. Other features worth noting are the thermal cut-off and anti-freeze setting to prevent the internal pipes from freezing. The snap wheels are also a welcome addition especially for room-to-room use.

Using the TRD40615E, it truly is a capable machine able to warm up medium to large room quickly. Our only gripe is the noisy beeping when it adjusts the temperature. Unfortunately, since it adjusts the temp automatically, there’s no way to mute the audible beeping. As such, this is not ideal for use in the nursery or bedroom.

LifeSmart LifePro Infrared Quartz Tower Heater

The LifeSmart LifePro is a 4-in-1 tower-type space heater that features infrared quartz element for quick heating. The LifePro also spots a laminated wooden shell so this will look right at home in living spaces with traditonal wooden decors! It’s a feature-packed heater with ionizer and cooling fan so its use isn’t limited to cold winters. You can also use the LifePro all year round, particularly in hot, humid summers. We loved the ionizer just because it keeps allergens away from the living space while the oscillating louvers disperse heated or cool air effectively.

The LifePro looks totally old school but there’s nothing old about its features. It features a 2-speed fan, infrared heaters, digital display, and two remote controls. This space heater works efficiently in terms of heating medium to large rooms and there’s no need to keep adjusting the setting to achieve the ideal indoor temps.

We just wish the LifePro works quietly in the background. It’s hard to ignore the rattling noise it produces once it’s turned on. Looking at the user feedbacks, we discovered that the noisy operation is a common complaint among customers. As such, this isn’t a great space heater to use at night in the bedroom or the nursery.

LifeSmart Zone Heating Pack

The LifeSmart Zone is a heating pack comprised of 2 heaters, each one comes with 3 heat settings, including a 500 watt eco-setting. The heaters sport a stylish wood cabinet, which helps keep the devices cool to the touch during operation. They also come with a 12-hour timer, digital thermostat, remote controls, EZ glide casters, and scroll fan that circulates warm air within the living space.

Because the Zone pack comes with 2 heaters, you can use the heater to warm multiple rooms at once. And each heater can heat a medium to large room so coverage is quite impressive. Each of the heater features 4 quartz infrared elements with protective exchanger coil. The 3 energy savings setting ensures a low energy bill each month. The 500-watt eco setting is best for warming up smaller rooms! Together with the set, LifeSmart is throwing in a lifetime air filter and 1-year warranty for all electrical components. If you’re after value, this is a great set to get. You’ll save more by getting two heaters instead of one. Plus, the energy savings setting will help minimize your power consumption.

Now for the downside, using both devices at the same time means you’ll utilize more electricity and that will translate to more money spent on energy consumption. While you can always use the eco setting to save on energy, this setting is only good for smaller spaces. You’ll find that to spend less on electricity and still enjoy warm indoor air, you’ll have to use one heater at a time instead of two.

Unique Heat Next Generation Portable Infrared Space Heater

The UniqueHeat Next-Gen portable infrared space heater is a compact device that features advanced heating tech for comfortable, non-drying warmth. This is a great heater for those who suffers from sinusitis, asthma, or rhinitis because it doesn’t dry out the air and trigger a sneezing fit. Though compact, this space heater is able to warm up to 1,000 square feet of air so it’s perfect for heating up multiple rooms. It’s a nice, hardworking space heater that never gets too hot to the touch and with its sturdy, stable design, this device is ideal for households with pets and kids.

We love the user-friendly controls; you don’t have to keep fiddling with the settings to achieve an ideal indoor air temperature. The remote and digital dial offers convenience controls, making the UniqueHeat infrared heater a breeze to use. The portable design means you can put this heater anywhere in the home to enjoy cozy warmness. Probably the best thing about the UniqueHeat infrared heater is the is the 30-day return policy, so if you’re unhappy with your purchase, you can get a full refund.

As for the drawbacks of the UniqueHeat infrared heater, there’s very little to go on. It’s a great, all around heater but it does generate a chemical-like smell during the first few tries. The odor goes away quickly enough but this is something to keep in mind before purchasing this product.

$300 and Above

At this price point, high-end space heaters offer better heating power thanks to a more robust motor. These devices come with great extras including ionizers, cooling fan, dehumidifiers, along with LCD displays, timers, auto shut off and other standard features. Some space heaters have to be hardwired into a household’s HVAC system to work.

Convectair Apero Electric Space Heater

Convectair’s Apero electric space heater is a thin, compact heater that utilizes 1000 watt for maximum heating. The brand promises that the Apero offers zero cold spots or zones, a tall order but we’re up for the challenge. Using the Apero, we loved how it provides even heating in large or small rooms alike. It operates quietly in the background, making the Apero a great heater for nurseries or children’s rooms.

The design is decidedly contemporary but neutral enough to blend into any decor. The digital thermostat offers more control and is very easy to use. The Apero’s thin design is nice! When installed, it does not protrude much from the wall so it’s definitely not obstructive and will not clash with your interiors. It’s very compact so it won’t take up much wall space or waste precious real estate. As far as space heaters go, this is a basic heater with more power under the hood.

As for the negatives, this isn’t a portable space heater that you can lug around from one room to another, it has to be hardwired to your HVAC system. This means you cannot install this on your own and you’ll have to pay your electrician for set up.

Soleus Air Evaporative Portable Heater

Soleus Air’s LX-140 is a multi-feature heater that provides a total heating output of 14,200 BTUs. The LX-140 is not your average space heater; it doubles as a portable air conditioner, 3-speed electric fan and dehumidifier. It features an evaporative technology that eliminates excess moisture in the air, providing a comfortable, non-drying warmth! Also, the evaporative tech ensures that less moisture is accumulated within the heater, saving you the hassle of emptying its reservoir often.

We love the user-friendly controls as well as the programmable digital thermostat. The on board control panel presents all functions for easy operation. Even better, this heater comes with a remote so you can operate it anywhere. It has a powerful machine that allows for even warmth all over your living space. The LX-140 is also portable. It comes with durable casters so you can lug this anywhere in the home with ease. When you purchase this set, you’ll get a window kit with exhaust hose. Finally, the LX-140 comes with a 1-year warranty, a nice extra for those who are new to the brand.

As for the downside, the LX-140 is not the most durable portable heaters according to several users. There were cases wherein the LX-140 went dead so suddenly while other users complain about receiving a defective product. Quality issues aside, Soleus Air does have a great return policy so if you’re not happy with the unit, you can always return it.

Dyna-Glo 300K Forced Air Heater

Dyna-Glo’s Forced Air Heater doesn’t look like your average heater but with a total heating output of 300,000 BTUs, this tiny heater can warm up to 7,000 sq. ft. of space. It features an electronic ignition that protects from delayed ignition as well as an auto-shut off feature to prevent overheating. The simple design offers no-frills warmth while its compact form factor provides unobstructive operation so you can maximize your living space. The adjustable height controls offers customizable options to ensure you’re getting the heat you want whenever and wherever!

This heater is surprisingly energy efficient. Once optimal indoor temps have been achieved, the heater automatically goes into standby mode. If the temps dropped again, the heater goes back to life to provide ambient temperature. It’s durable so it will definitely last you years of use and its powerful motor ensures efficient operation.

It’s not the most good-looking heater out there but the unique design actually works to its favor, it provides dependable warmth. For us, the downside of Dyna-Glo’s heater is the power source. It has to be connected to propane gas to work. Also, this space heater is best used in garages although you can also use this to warm up your home.

Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool Fan Heater

Stylish, compact, and multi-functional, the Dyson AM05 heater and cool fan in one is a beautifully designed space heater that offers long-range heat protection. Unlike other heaters, the AM05 disperses the heat all around the room and not in a single direction so you don’t feel the direct heat when in operation. The airflow is powerful, ensuring even, efficient heating. As with all Dyson products, this heater does not come with spinning blades so it’s a safe heater to use if you have kids or pets. There are no visible heating elements, reducing the likelihood of an accident.

The AM05 is also a cooling fan, which means you can this device all year round. During the winter season, you can use the AM05 as a heater and in the summer; turn it into a conventional fan. The AM05 boasts of an air multiplier technology that draws indoor air in and amplifies it for even cooling/heating. It also comes with a safe tip over automatic cut out so it does not tip over when in use. Another thing worth raving about the AM05 is the 2-year parts and labor warranty. This device is also easy to clean and can be controlled remotely.

As for the downside, this isn’t the quietest heater there is, especially when it’s used as a cooling fan. Some users also say this product works better as a heater than as a cooling fan.

Sure Heat Dual Fuel Gas Space Heater

Rounding up our list of space heaters is the Sure Heat Blue Flame Dual Fuel Gas space heater. With a total output of 30k BTUs, this space heater is quite the performer. It provides convection heat that warms the air evenly while the thermostatic controls allow you to switch the unit on and off. It features a Piezzo ignition and ods, which are sensors that detect oxygen level in the air.

You can either use this device as a portable heater or mounted on the wall. Out of the box, the Blue Flame space heater comes with all the components you need to mount the device. These components include wall mounts with brackets as well as connection tube. This device is also Omni safety approved for safe, dependable performance every time. The Blue Flame space heater also comes with a built-in thermostat that contributes to its user-friendliness. Once the room has exceeded the set temperature, the heater will shut off automatically and cycle back once the temperature dropped.

Overall, the Blue Flame space heater is a powerful heater, one that is capable of warming up large rooms all around the house. The only downside is that it utilizes LP or natural gas for operation. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your preference. Some users also say their unit came with dents from poor handling but this issue is an isolated one.


Space heaters make a great addition to any home. But with so many factors to consider, it’s important to do your research to make sure you’re getting the right product that fits your needs and budget the best. We hope that this in-depth review has helped you find the right space heater for you and your family!

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