Sure Heat Dual Fuel Gas Space Heater

Editor rating

4.1/5 on October 25, 2016

User's rating

86 reviews


  • Generates convection heat
  • Thermostatic controls for safe operation
  • Omni Safety Approved
  • With Piezzo ignition and oxygen level sensors
  • Easy set up and mounting
  • Extra components for wall mounting


  • Utilizes natural gas or liquid propane for operation


Sure Heat's space heater can be used on its own as a portable space warmer or mounted to a wall. It's user-friendly, compact, and dependable but it also requires an LP tank or natural gas to work.

Rounding up our list of space heaters is the Sure Heat Blue Flame Dual Fuel Gas space heater. With a total output of 30k BTUs, this space heater is quite the performer. It provides convection heat that warms the air evenly while the thermostatic controls allow you to switch the unit on and off. It features a Piezzo ignition and ods, which are sensors that detect oxygen level in the air.

You can either use this device as a portable heater or mounted on the wall. Out of the box, the Blue Flame space heater comes with all the components you need to mount the device. These components include wall mounts with brackets as well as connection tube. This device is also Omni safety approved for safe, dependable performance every time. The Blue Flame space heater also comes with a built-in thermostat that contributes to its user-friendliness. Once the room has exceeded the set temperature, the heater will shut off automatically and cycle back once the temperature dropped.

Overall, the Blue Flame space heater is a powerful heater, one that is capable of warming up large rooms all around the house. The only downside is that it utilizes LP or natural gas for operation. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your preference. Some users also say their unit came with dents from poor handling but this issue is an isolated one.

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