Supergreen IR8000 Infrared Electric Tankless Water Heater

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4.4/5 on November 1, 2016

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54 reviews


  • Tankless water heater
  • Radiant heating
  • Infrared quartz heating elements
  • Temperature controls
  • Modulated power control
  • 3-digit flow indicator
  • Superior energy efficiency
  • Self-cleaning
  • Continuous hot water on demand


  • Ununiformed water flow


Supergreen IR8000 is a commercial-grade water heater that comes with advanced coilless technology to provide hot water on demand.

The Supergreen IR8000 is an infrared water heater that utilizes advanced coilless technology to provide a steady supply of hot water. According to the brand, this water heater is commercial grade, which means it can take on more jobs than ordinary water heater.

The IR8000 utilizes quartz heating elements, boosting safety, efficiency, and durability all at once. How? Unlike heating coils that require water contact, the heating elements of the IR8000 does not come in direct contact with water. Infrared works on the molecular level, heating water efficiently via infrared rays. The infrared red heating element is not only safe, it also ensures a steady stream of hot water and higher flow rates.

The IR8000 also promises to be 99% thermal energy efficient and its self-maintaining feature means you don’t have to keep cleaning the unit on your own for maintenance, a plus if you’re just like us who abhor the idea of dismantling parts of the water heater for cleaning!

We love the IR8000 for the array of advanced features it offers. Some of its notable features include a thermostatic intelligent PID temperature control, a fully modulated power control, LED temperature outlet, and 3 Digit LED flow indicator. The brand lives up to its promise of lower energy consumption too, which is always a plus in our books! As for the downside, the water flow needs a little work. Though it generates hot water, the flow isn’t as powerful as expected. This has been a recurring problem among users and we hope the company rectifies the issue.

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