LifeSmart Zone Heating Pack

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4.2/5 on October 25, 2016

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275 reviews


  • Stylish wooden cabinet
  • 3 Energy saving modes
  • 1-year electrical components warranty
  • 12 hour timer
  • Digital thermostat
  • 2 remote controls


  • Not energy efficient when used simultaneously


If you’re after value, this is a great set to get. You’ll save more by getting two heaters instead of one. But the purpose of its energy-saving feature is defeated when you use both heaters at the same time.

The LifeSmart Zone is a heating pack comprised of 2 heaters, each one comes with 3 heat settings, including a 500 watt eco-setting. The heaters sport a stylish wood cabinet, which helps keep the devices cool to the touch during operation. They also come with a 12-hour timer, digital thermostat, remote controls, EZ glide casters, and scroll fan that circulates warm air within the living space.

Because the Zone pack comes with 2 heaters, you can use the heater to warm multiple rooms at once. And each heater can heat a medium to large room so coverage is quite impressive. Each of the heater features 4 quartz infrared elements with protective exchanger coil. The 3 energy savings setting ensures a low energy bill each month. The 500-watt eco setting is best for warming up smaller rooms! Together with the set, LifeSmart is throwing in a lifetime air filter and 1-year warranty for all electrical components. If you’re after value, this is a great set to get. You’ll save more by getting two heaters instead of one. Plus, the energy savings setting will help minimize your power consumption.

Now for the downside, using both devices at the same time means you’ll utilize more electricity and that will translate to more money spent on energy consumption. While you can always use the eco setting to save on energy, this setting is only good for smaller spaces. You’ll find that to spend less on electricity and still enjoy warm indoor air, you’ll have to use one heater at a time instead of two.

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