Lifesmart Large Room 6 Element Infrared Heater

Editor rating

4.1/5 on October 25, 2016

User's rating

714 reviews


  • 6 Quartz infrared heating elements
  • Energy efficient
  • 3 thermostat settings
  • 12-hour dual timer
  • Digital thermostat
  • Large coverage


  • Reported quality issues
  • Chunky design


Lifesmart’s infrared heater is energy efficient thanks to its 6 quartz infrared elements. It's a large heater that takes more space but it does generate an even warmth you'll love!

The Lifesmart standalone space heater features 6 quartz infrared elements for efficient room warming. It’s incredibly energy efficient thanks to its 3 modes, including an eco-setting which only uses 500 watts. The eco-setting works great if you’d like to warm up a small room. This heater also features remote control for easy room-to-room operation, a 12-hour dual timer, and a digital thermostat for better control over the indoor temps.

Lifesmart’s infrared heater gets plus points for its host of energy efficient features. This is the best heater for those who’d like to reduce their energy consumption. Of course, using less energy may limit the speed in which the heater warms up the room, a happy compromise if you’re intent on reducing your monthly bill. This heater isn’t the best looking or the slimmest device on this list but it makes up for durability.

As for the downsides, this is not very compact. The squat, chunky design will not appeal to some. Some users had issues with the overall quality of this heater but at this price point, we were pleasantly surprised at the Lifesmart heater’s coverage. This is the kind of heater that you’d like to get if you have larger rooms.

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