Homegear Electric Snow Thrower / Blower

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3.5/5 on December 15, 2016

User's rating

12 reviews


  • Simple, compact, and lightweight design
  • 9-amp motor
  • Snow thrower and blower in 1
  • 180 degree adjustable chute
  • Snow discharge of 20 feet maximum
  • Key features: safety lock and switch, adjustable handle, power button
  • UL and ETL Approved


  • Not ideal for heavy snow clearing
  • Flimsy components


Homegear's snow thrower features a hard working engine and a simple design for no-fuss snow clearing in a jiffy.

Homegear brand’s snow thrower is a multi-use snow-clearing device with a clearing depth of 12 inches. This sno thrower looks every bit stripped down but it is surprisingly efficient in terms of eliminating several inches of snow. The Homegear snow thrower is able to clear a depth of 6 inches of snow and can discharge snow at 20 feet maximum. It features a 180-degree adjustable chute for easy, convenient snow clearing. The Homegear snow thrower requires 120 volts of power to operate.

The beauty of Homegear’s snow thrower is it doubles as a snow blower too. So if you’re looking for a dual purpose device, look no further. Don’t let the device’s simple design fool you! It comes with great features that we’re sure you’ll maximize during snow clearing. A few of these notable features include a safety switch and key lock, adjustable handle, button starter, artificial propellant. The Homegear snow thrower comes fully assembled and it’s UL and ETL approved for your safety.

As for the negatives, the Homegear’s snow thrower cannot handle deeper snow and it’s marketed mainly to clear a maximum of six inches of snow. Using this device on deep snow will cause the motor to clog up or die (or both). This may disappoint those who are looking for budget-friendly but powerful snow thrower + blower.

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