Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool Fan Heater

Editor rating

3.8/5 on October 25, 2016

User's rating

464 reviews


  • 2-year parts & labor warranty
  • Long-range heat projection
  • Air multiplier technology
  • Cooling fan and heater in 1
  • Sleek design
  • No moving parts, spinning blades or visible heating element


  • Expensive
  • Noisy operation


The Dyson AM05 heater and cooling fan is a versatile space heater that offers long-range heat dispersion. It's stylish alright, but it's also noisy so it doesn't work seamlessly in the background.

Stylish, compact, and multi-functional, the Dyson AM05 heater and cool fan in one is a beautifully designed space heater that offers long-range heat protection. Unlike other heaters, the AM05 disperses the heat all around the room and not in a single direction so you don’t feel the direct heat when in operation. The airflow is powerful, ensuring even, efficient heating. As with all Dyson products, this heater does not come with spinning blades so it’s a safe heater to use if you have kids or pets. There are no visible heating elements, reducing the likelihood of an accident.

The AM05 is also a cooling fan, which means you can this device all year round. During the winter season, you can use the AM05 as a heater and in the summer; turn it into a conventional fan. The AM05 boasts of an air multiplier technology that draws indoor air in and amplifies it for even cooling/heating. It also comes with a safe tip over automatic cut out so it does not tip over when in use. Another thing worth raving about the AM05 is the 2-year parts and labor warranty. This device is also easy to clean and can be controlled remotely.

As for the downside, this isn’t the quietest heater there is, especially when it’s used as a cooling fan. Some users also say this product works better as a heater than as a cooling fan.

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