Crockpot Next Generation Slow Cooker

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5.0/5 on November 9, 2016

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7 reviews


  • 2 temperature setting
  • Auto keep-warm function
  • 7 liter capacity
  • Requires 220 volts to operate
  • Adjustable cooking settings


  • Basic features
  • Expensive
  • Not idea to use within the US


This is a basic crockpot that can do more than slow cook various meals but it does come with several caveats.

Crock-Pot’s SCCPBPP605 is a next-gen slow cooker that features an adjustable an auto keep-warm function, and programmable cooking settings, 2 temperature settings, and a 20-hour countdown timer. This crockpot comes with a tempered glass lid, a 5.7 capacity, and dishwasher safe components. According to the brand, this product is ideal for up to six people, which makes the SCCPBPP605 perfect for whipping up daily meals. We love the oven and microwave safe removable pot, which also doubles as a serving dish.

The SCCPBPP605 is user-friendly so even the uninitiated will have no trouble cooking with this crockpot. The overall quality of the SCCPBPP605 is also impressive. This slow cooker requires 220-230 volts to operate. As far as functionality goes, the SCCPBPP605 offers great flexibility, allowing you to play with the settings and create delicious creations in the kitchen. We just wish that the SCCPBPP605 lives up to its “next-gen” name.

Although this crockpot is no doubt packed with great features, it just doesn’t offer anything new on the table. At almost 150 bucks, the SCCPBPP605 is more expensive than other higher end slow cookers on the market and it did not leave us blown away by its features because they are so basic. Also, this product utilizes 220 volts to operate so it’s not ideal to use within the US.

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