Courant CBH-4601R 3-in-1 Breakfast Hub

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2.6/5 on November 15, 2016

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15 reviews


  • 3-in-1 breakfast maker
  • Toaster with 9 liter capacity
  • 5-cup coffee maker
  • 10 inches diameter griddle pan with glass lid
  • 30-minute timer
  • Toast 4 slices of bread at the same time


  • Toaster gets too hot too fast
  • Coffee maker prone to overflowing


The Courant CBH-4601R a solid performer, an all-around breakfast hub with great features to boot!

The Courant CBH-4601R is a 3-in-1 breakfast maker that features a large griddle with a glass lid, a 9-liter capacity toaster as well as a 5-cup capacity coffee maker. This stylish breakfast hub comes with all the right accessories to make your morning meals fast, easy, and convenient to put together including a crumb tray, bake pan, and rack for the toaster, a removable water tank and removable filter basket for the coffee maker and a 10-inches griddle pan to boot!

This breakfast maker is so fast; you can whip up a complete meal for two in just five minutes. The toaster is large enough to fit up to 4 slices of bread in one go while the generous space of the griddle allows you to fry a couple of eggs or sausages at the same time. The 30-minute toast timer ensures optimum customization in terms of how you’d like your toasted bread to be.

The CBH-4601R is a great, all-around breakfast hub with lots of features to play with. Our only gripe is that toaster gets too hot too fast so the toasts are prone to burning. Also, the coffee maker tends to overflow so it’s important to keep an eye on the fluid volume before using it.

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