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Winter season is upon us and for most households and that means busting out the snow thrower to get rid of snow around the home. If you’re on the lookout for a snow blower then you’re in luck. We are reviewing some of the most popular snow throwers on the market. But before we head to the reviews, let’s get to know more about snow throwers:

Snow Thrower vs. Snow Blower:  What’s the Difference?

Snow throwers are often confused with snow blowers because these devices are both used to clear snow but are they really the same? The short answer is no, they are two different types of snow clearing device.

A snow thrower is a single stage snow removal machine that picks snow up in one motion and then throws snow out the chute in a continuous movement. Usually, snow throwers are also referred to as single stage snow throwers because snow is removed in one single movement.

On the other hand, a snow blower features 2 stage snow removal. The device features an auger that scoops up the snow, feeds the snow to the impeller, and then blows the snow out of the chute. It’s called a snow blower because the impeller works much like a traditional electric fan but the blades are more robust and powerful.

Apart from the differences between snow removal stages, snow throwers are smaller than regular snow blowers. Because a snow thrower features one movement to eliminate snow, the motor is lighter, more compact. Snow blowers are larger, heavier, and more powerful because the motors work in two stages to remove snow.

Snow throwers are less expensive than snow blowers but they are not suitable for heavy use. Snow blowers, being more powerful, are also more expensive but they can clear deep snow drifts with ease.
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Types of Snow Throwers

Snow throwers come in a variety of designs and types. To find out which snow thrower is best for you, let’s get to know the many types of snow throwers available on the market:

Electric Snow Thrower

An electric snow thrower is typically comprised of single snow stage blower that works with just a push of a button. The device features a lighter, more compact body compared to traditional gas models but it’s wired so it’s not as portable. Electric snow thrower doesn’t require as much maintenance as gas powered snow thrower but it will require an extension cord to operate.

Cordless Snow Thrower

As the name implies cordless snow throwers aren’t wired hence, they are portable. Just like electric snow throwers, cordless snow throwers are single stage snow blowers that powers on with a touch of a button. These devices are easy to maintain and are more convenient to use than traditional electric snow throwers. However, they are also pricier.

Gas Powered Snow Thrower

Gas powered snow thrower is an excellent choice if you’d rather not deal with a power cord during operation. The great thing about gas powered snow thrower is the more powerful machine, which can clear snow around the home in no time at all. Generally, gas-powered snow throwers offer greater cleaning widths and intake heights than your average electric powered snow throwers.

Snow Thrower Features to Keep in Mind

With so many different types of snow throwers available on the market, how do you know which model is best for your needs? A souped up snow thrower seems like a great idea at first but if you can’t maximize the device, that’s money down the drain right there. To get the most out of your snow thrower, you need to list down all the features you need. Below are some of the most important features to keep in mind when shopping for a snow thrower:

Snow Clearing Width

The clearing width refers to width in which a snow thrower is able to clear snow. Depending on your needs, choose a snow thrower that is able to get the job done in a pass or two. High-end snow throwers have a clearing width of 45 inches so they can clear snow around the home in a matter of several minutes. Lower end models have an average clearing width of 12 inches. To determine which type of snow thrower to get, check the width of the driveway or areas that need clearing during a snowstorm and go from there.

Control Features of Snow Thrower

Basic and advanced snow throwers alike come with controls to adjust the speed, power, and other features of the device during operation. Unless you only need a basic snow thrower, pricier snow throwers come with more advanced features so you can customize your settings according to your needs.

And speaking of controls, you want to make sure the buttons are laid out in such a way that adjustments do not interfere with the operation in any way. Snow blowers with scattered controls will only make drag snow clearing on and on, which is annoying if you have a lot of areas to clear. We recommend snow throwers that come with one-hand controls so you can adjust the setting without needing to stop the operation.

Snow Thrower with Adjustable Speed Control

Adjustable speed setting is a must for precision and enhanced control. If say, you want a more powerful snow thrower, we recommend opting for gas-powered snow throwers. Most gas powered snow throwers – particularly high-end models – offer up to 7 speeds so you can play with the controls to determine which setting works for you. Snow throwers with more speed options are able to clear different types of snow without clogging the system. That said, average snow throwers come in 3 speeds which are more than enough options for most users.

Headlights help in the dark

Nights are longer during the winter season so it makes sense to get a snow thrower that provides illumination in the darkness. Opt for snow throwers with built-in headlights so you can clear snow at night or after a major snowstorm when the power is out. We recommend snow throwers with halogen headlights because these models work well in extreme weather conditions.

Electric Start

Powering up a corded snow thrower after a major snowstorm is not only frustrating, it’s also bad for your health. You don’t want to be stuck outside tugging repeatedly on a cord in subzero temps! Snow throwers with electric start work with just a push of a button, making snow clearing a convenient and straightforward affair. Go for these kinds of models to cut down snow clearing time in half.

The Best Electric Snow Throwers for Every Budget

To narrow down your search and weigh your options, please refer to our review below:

Affordable Snow Throwers for $100 and Below

At this price point, expect a starter snow thrower with an average clearing depth of 12 inches, basic controls, push button starter, and 8 to 11 amp motor.

Snow Joe 323E 13-Inch Electric Snow Shovel

The Snow Joe 323E is a basic, 13-incher electric snow shovel designed for quick snow pickups on key areas of the home, including the steps, walkways, and patios. It is fitted with a powerful 10pamp motor that can move up to 400 pounds of snow per minute, not bad for a compact electric snow shovel. The secret to 323E’s efficient performance is its 2 bladed paddle auger that throws deep snow with every pass.

The 323E features a compact, light, and ergonomic design so it’s easy to lug around the yard to clean up the snow. This device also comes with an adjustable handle, a useful feature if you’re getting rid of snow for an extended period. The adjustable handle allows you to customize the handle length so there’s less strain on the wrist as you work. We are pleased to report that this product is CSA approved and as an added plus, it comes with a 2-year warranty for a risk-free purchase.

Because this is a basic snow thrower, one should not use the 323E for heavy-duty jobs.  Some users are complaining that the device cannot remove heavy snow and the fact is, the brand explicitly marketed the 323E for light snow only so keep this in mind before making a purchase.

GreenWorks 12-Inch Corded Snow Thrower

Greenworks’ budget snow thrower, the 26012, is a compact snow thrower with an 8-amp motor to ensure quick, efficient, and fuss-free snow clearing. This device has a width of 12 inches so it’s perfect for areas of the home that gets blocked with several inches of snow, particularly the walkways and patio. Designed to clear snow during light snowstorms, this device is able to move 300 pounds of snow per minute. It has a discharge distance of up to 20 feet, which is not bad for such a small device.

Greenworks is marketing this product for light snow clearing so it’s not the best choice if you live in a place that gets a lot of snow. This device is not meant for heavy-duty use, something to be expected from snow throwers with a smaller 8-amp motor. The 26012 comes with an ergonomically designed handle that makes snow clearing easy on the wrists.

As for the downsides of using the 26012, it’s surprisingly heavy and it requires more elbow grease during set up. Lugging this snow thrower around during testing, the 26012 is not exactly easy on the back! However, we did not come across any issues with the motor and/or performance during testing so as long as you are able to set up well, it will clear light snow as described.

Click here to see GreenWorks 12-Inch Corded Snow Thrower

MTD Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower

MTD’s 14-inch snow thrower is a more robust basic snow clearing machine. Featuring an 11-inch electric motor, this device can clear light snow all over the yard with relative ease. The device comes with a built-in chute and an auger assisted drive for no-mess snow clearing whenever. The device has a clearing width of 14 inches and intake height of about 9 and a half inches. MTD’s electric snow thrower also comes with a folding loop handle so it’s easy on the wrist during a snow clearing.

Thanks to its more powerful motor, the MTD electric snow thrower can clear about 5 to 6 inches of snow. Some users say the device is able to handle deeper snow with one claiming it cleared 32 inches of snow. However, the brand markets this for light snow only to prevent motor trouble. We love how easy it is to operate, it’s very user-friendly and anyone can master the controls within minutes.

As for the negatives, most users complain about recurring motor problems. Some say their device won’t start while others claim that their MTD snow thrower’s control box had to be banged to get it to work. We did not come across the same issue and our test device worked perfectly. However, the components do look flimsy so this is something worth noting.

Homegear Electric Snow Thrower / Blower

Homegear brand’s snow thrower is a multi-use snow-clearing device with a clearing depth of 12 inches. This device looks every bit stripped down but it is surprisingly efficient in terms of eliminating several inches of snow. The Homegear snow thrower is able to clear a depth of 6 inches of snow and can discharge snow at 20 feet maximum. It features an 180-degree adjustable chute for easy, convenient snow clearing. The Homegear snow thrower requires 120 volts of power to operate.

The beauty of Homegear’s snow thrower is it doubles as a snow blower too. So if you’re looking for a dual purpose device, look no further. Don’t let the device’s simple design fool you! It comes with great features that we’re sure you’ll maximize during snow clearing. A few of these notable features include a safety switch and key lock, adjustable handle, button starter, artificial propellant. The Homegear snow thrower comes fully assembled and it’s UL and ETL approved for your safety.

As for the negatives, the Homegear’s snow thrower cannot handle deeper snow and it’s marketed mainly to clear a maximum of six inches of snow. Using this device on deep snow will cause the motor to clog up or die (or both). This may disappoint those who are looking for budget-friendly but powerful snow thrower + blower.

Power Smart DB5004 Electric Snow Thrower

Rounding up our list of basic snow throwers is the Power Smart DB5004, a compact and lightweight snow-clearing machine with a 9-amp motor. This device has a clearing depth of 13 inches and it promises to clear up to six inches deep of snow in a single pass. The DB5004 features a cord lock system that holds the extension cord in place for safe, convenient, and fuss-free snow clearing. The device is not only user-friendly, it’s also easy to maintain, something that we feel consumers look for in a snow thrower.

The DB5004 also features an ergonomically designed handle that allows for maximum comfort while clearing the snow. The 9-amp motor is not the most powerful on this category but it works effectively enough to clear a few inches of snow. We tested this on snow-clogged decks, driveways, and walkways and it eliminated snow with ease.

The downside of using the DB5004 lies in the assembly. Several parts were a pain to put together so assembly itself can be frustrating particularly those who are unfamiliar with the parts. Also, since the motor is not efficient in clearing deeper snow, the application is limited to clearing snow off walkways and smaller areas of the home.

Click here to see Power Smart DB5004 Electric Snow Thrower


High Value Snow Throwers for $400 and Below

At this price point, expect a snow thrower with a powerful motor (average of 12 amp), more practical features, and better snow clearing capabilities.

GreenWorks 26032 Corded Snow Thrower

GreenWorks’ 26032 is the more powerful sibling of the 26012. Unlike the 26012, this snow thrower comes with high capacity 12 amp motor, able to clear a 20-inch path with minimal effort. This is an electric powered snow thrower and its cord has a nice holder that locks it in place so the wire won’t get in the way when you’re clearing your home of snow.

What we like about the 26032 is the robust motor, which can clear a depth of 10 inches. It works efficiently, able to clear powdery snow with relative ease. The motor is powerful enough to clear larger expanse of outdoor area, particularly driveways, pathways, and patio.

Other features we loved are the steel blades with rubberized bumpers, they really get in there, hauling and throwing snow like nobody’s business. The adjustable handle height is a great feature too. With just a click, you can adjust the handle height for comfortable snow clearing regardless if you are tall or short. The GreenWorks 26032 has a 20-foot discharge distance, which is not bad although we wished it’s able to throw snow at a much

The GreenWorks 26032 has a 20-foot discharge distance, which is not bad although we wished it’s able to throw snow at a much farther distance. Also, durability will be an issue. It’s a nicely built snow thrower but some components are on the flimsy side.

Click here to see GreenWorks 26032 Corded Snow Thrower

WORX WG650 Electric Snow Thrower

The WORX WG650 is an electric snow thrower that boasts of a 13 amp motor, able to clear several inches of snow in a single pass. Designed for helping you get through the bitter winter with ease, this high-performance snow thrower can slice a path of 18 inches wide and 9 inches deep. It has a discharge distance of up to 30 feet and directional controls for easy snow clearing.

This is an ultra-compact snow thrower with collapsible and foldable handle for easy storage. Speaking of the handle, the WORX WG650’s handle is ergonomically designed to ease fatigue and enhance comfort. You can choose the right height thanks to the handle’s 3-way adjustable position. The WORX WG650 also comes with an 180-degree rotating chute and chute adjusters so it can handle tough jobs.

As for the negatives of using the WORX WG650, some users say the motor is prone to mechanical issues including being stuck after stored in a long time. We did not come across this issue but our only gripe is that certain components are on the flimsy side.

Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E Snow Thrower

The Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E is a mean-looking, fully loaded snow thrower with a powerful 15-amp motor for faster, more efficient snow clearing! Perfect for medium to large sized walkways and driveways, the SJ623E is able to get rid of up to 750 pounds of snow per minute. It features an 180° adjustable directional chute and a discharge distance of 25 feet. This snow thrower is perfect for larger homes located in places that get heavy snow.

The machine brings together the performance of a gas-powered snow thrower and the convenience of an electric powered snow thrower.

We love how easy to maintain the Ultra SJ623E is. It requires no gas, oil or tune-ups and it’s much more affordable to maintain that other snow throwers of its kind.  The Ultra SJ623E comes with a large 20-watt halogen light that enables snow clearing at night. the wheels glide on the snow with ease, allowing you to maneuver this snow thrower effortlessly. The scraper blades are large enough to clear snow effectively but gentle enough to prevent damage to your pavement or deck. The Ultra SJ623E is ETL approved and comes with a 2-year warranty.

We did not come across any glaring issue with the Ultra SJ623E. However, some users say the motor is prone to freezing or getting stuck when used on very deep snow.

Husqvarna 961830002 Single Stage Snow Thrower

The Husqvarna 961830002 is a single stage snow thrower that can clear up to six inches of snow. It’s powered by a 136cc (or 3.5 horsepower) motor and it guarantees easy steering thanks to the snow thrower’s robust 8-inch tires. The 961830002 features a recoil start, which might not please those who are looking for snow throwers with push buttons. Still, the 961830002 is one powerful machine that’s able to clear snow in a jiffy without the elbow grease thanks to its 4-ply rubber augers!

We love the 180-degree manual chute rotation with manual deflector because it just makes snow clearing less of a hassle. The handle is ergonomically designed to reduce wrist strain too, perfect if you have to do a lot of snow clearing. The handle is adjustable so you can tweak the height according to what suits you.

As for the negatives, certain components of the snow thrower are made from thin plastic, which we feel are quite flimsy. These components did not affect the overall performance of the snow thrower, not by any means, but we wish they are made from more solid material so they will last a long time. Also, we wish the Husqvarna 961830002 can clear a much deeper snow depth than six inches. Some entry level snow throwers can get rid of six inches of snow and at this price point, we expect more powerful machines.

Learn more about Husqvarna 961830002 Single Stage Snow Thrower

Poulan Pro 1840001 Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower

Poulan Pro’s 961840001 is an electric powered snow thrower with a robust 136 cc engine. This snow thrower offers 21-inches of snow clearing width and 13 inches intake height. The 961840001 boasts of a durable auger to get rid of snow in a single pass, throwing it out into the chute in one swift movement for faster snow clearing and half the effort!

The controls are laid out nicely so it’s quite easy to control the machine with one hand. Also, the controls are large so the 961840001 is easy to operate while wearing gloves. The machine is user-friendly too so even the uninitiated will have no trouble operating the Poulan Pro 961840001. This device is suitable for clearing a wider expansive of space particularly those that get a light accumulation of snow such as the sidewalks and driveways.

We put this beast to the test and it performed beautifully. We did not come across any glaring issues during the testing so it performed as advertised. Our only gripe is that the motor has to be warmed up considerably before it can get rid of the snow, much like a diesel engine car. This can lengthen the time it takes to clear the snow.

Click Here Pro 1840001 Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower

Professional Snow Throwers for $1000 and Below

At this price point, expect the snow thrower to offer more powerful motors, wider coverage, and different speed settings for more customized operation. Higher end snow throwers may also come in two stage designs and can clear moderate to heavy snow accumulation.

Power Smart DB7659 Snow Thrower with Electric Start

The Power Smart DB7659 is an electric powered snow thrower with a start button for trouble-free operation. It boasts of a 208 cc Storm Force engine that delivers impressive snow clearing power. As for the coverage, the Power Smart DB7659 offers 22 inches wide coverage and 16 inches intake height so it’s suitable to moderate to heavy snowfall.

Unlike other snow throwers in this category, the Power Smart DB7659 comes in a double stage design. It features four forward speed settings and two reverse for easy steering in deep snow. It also comes with a compact design for easy storage!

As for the downside of using the DB7659, the motor can get pretty clogged up when clearing deep snow. Also, the axle bearing of the wheels is a bit loose so better check those before plowing through snow. Most of the reviewers on Amazon are complaining about the customer service of Power Smart but we did not come across major issues that required calling their hotline number for inquiries. Overall, this is a solid performer and it can clear deeper snow so it’s a great investment for those who live in areas that get a lot of snow every year.

Click here to see Power Smart DB7659 Snow Thrower with Electric Start

Power Smart DB7651 Two-Stage Snow Thrower with Electric Start

  • 208cc or 6.5-HP LCT Storm Force Engine
  • Push button electric start
  • Clearing width of 24 inches, clearing depth of 20 inches
  • 4-Forward and 2-reverse speeds
  • 180 Degree Chute rotation
  • 12 inches serrated, all-steel augers
  • Designed for heavy snowfall
  • Reported quality issues
  • Chute size runs small
  • Check price >>

The Power Smart DB7651 is the larger, more powerful brother of the DB7659. This snow thrower features an electric push button for easy operation and a 6.5 horsepower Storm Force engine that plows through snow like a tornado! This device has a snow clearing width of 24 inches, a clearing depth of 20 inches so the DB7651 is designed for heavy snowfall. This is a 2-stage snow thrower that utilizes an advanced snow clearing tech for superior performance. It throws snow faster, further, and more efficiently. The DB7651 is perfect for places that get a lot of snow.

Just like its little brother, the DB7651 offers 4 forward and 2 reverse speed setting and easy to use controls that you can operate even when you’re wearing gloves. Inside, the DB7651 features 12 inches serrated stainless steel blades that cut through deep snow like a hot knife through butter. The steel blades feel solid and they do a great job of clearing snow in a single pass. For added snow throwing control, the DB7651 comes with a chute that rotates 180 degrees. Pretty useful for large snow clearing jobs.

As for the downsides, the DB7651’s chute is on the small and flimsy side so the snow thrower can be a struggle to use when clearing large expanse of space. The chute fills up quickly with wet snow. Some customers are complaining about the motor stalling or that their device came with broken or defective components.

Learn more about Power Smart DB7651 Two-Stage Snow Thrower with Electric Start

Briggs and Stratton 1696610 Dual-Stage Snow Thrower

Briggs and Stratton’s 1696610 is a dual stage snow thrower that promises a clearing width of 20 inches and intake height of 20 inches thanks to its powerful 208 cc engine. According to the brand, the 1696610 also features a 9.5-foot pound of torque so on paper, this is one lean mean snow-clearing machine.

The 1696610 comes with a friction disk drive system and an electric push start for easy, effortless operation. It is also equipped with a left side crank rotation and manual deflector controls that you can adjust even when wearing gloves. Because of the 1696610’s friction disc transmission is perfect for heavy snowfall. For easy and efficient snow plowing, the 1696610 comes with solid steel reversible skid shoes, so it’s easy to maneuver in any snow condition. The brand promises that the 1696610 is built to last, throwing in a 3-year limited warranty for a risk-free purchase.

As for the negatives, assembling this beast is by no means a walk in the park. Because of the loose components, it’s hard to know which mechanism goes where. The motor is loud too so if you’re looking for a snow thrower that won’t wake up the neighbors, this is not it. Performance-wise, this is a powerful snow thrower and it’s worth trying out if you live in a place with very cold climate.

Husqvarna ST224 Two Stage Electric Start Snow Thrower

  • 208cc Husqvarna engine
  • Remote Chute Deflector
  • Remote Chute Rotator
  • 15-inch tires
  • Electric Start
  • 24-Inch Two Stage
  • Intuitive design
  • Practical features
  • High maintenance
  • High Quality, but expensive
  • Check price >>

The Husqvarna ST224 is a monster of a snow thrower that features 208 cc motor, a remote chute deflector and 24-inch, 2-stage technology. This snow-clearing machine has 2 15-inches tires, which promises excellent traction in deep snow. It also features a sizable headlight so you can clear snow even in the dark.

It’s nice that Husqvarna fitted the ST224 with useful and practical features to make snow clearing as painless as possible. The Husqvarna ST224 comes with heated grip handles so you don’t freeze your limbs as you clear snow in the middle of a brutal winter as well as 12 inches ribbon augers for effortless performance. It also comes with friction disc transmission, an aluminum gearbox, a 2.7-liter fuel tank, and an electric start.

This device has a clearing path of 24 inches and remote chute rotator. The ST224 is designed for heavy snowfall, so it’s suitable for places that gets several feet of snow during the majority of the year. The motor is quite powerful, as described, able to clear deep snow in a single pass. We love the intuitive design of the ST224 as well as the sheer power of the engine. We just wish it’s not as high maintenance as other snow throwers. Because the features are more advanced, the ST224 is more fragile than similar machines, belying its tough-as-nails appearance.

See Now the Husqvarna ST224 Two Stage Electric Start Snow Thrower

Yard Machines 4-Cycle, 2 Stage Snow Thrower

  • 24-Inch clearing width
  • 179 cc motor
  • User-friendly
  • 6 Forward and 2 rev speed control
  • Electric Start
  • 12-Inch impeller diameter
  • Under-powered engine
  • Practical features
  • Reported quality issues
  • Check price >>

Yard Machines’ snow thrower is a 2-stage, 4-cycle snow clearing machine that comes with a 24 inch clearing width, 12-inch impeller diameter, and multiple speeds controls for accurate, easy, and fast operation. This snow thrower is designed for heavy snowfall and it is able to get rid of a foot of snow and more.
Inside the snow thrower is a 12 inch serrated steel auger that casts aside heavy snow with ease. It also features a 179 cc, 4-cycle yard engine and 13 inches snow hog wheels for easy manoeuvring in wet or deep snow. What’s more, the product features 6 forward and 2 reverse speed controls, allowing you to adjust your speed as you clear snow and making the job far easier and faster than ever before.

The Yard Machines snow thrower is perfect for those who want a user-friendly snow-clearing machine, one that can work with compacted snow with ease. It comes with great features you can expect from a higher end snow thrower. Our only gripe is the motor, which for this price point, seems under-powered. We wish Yard Machines would introduce a more powerful alternative to their gas powered snow thrower for more robust performance.

Click Here to See Yard Machines 4-Cycle, 2 Stage Snow Thrower

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