BELLA 14082 Toast and Brew Breakfast Station

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3.5/5 on November 15, 2016

User's rating

24 reviews


  • Single serve coffee maker
  • 0z capacity coffee maker
  • Toaster with defrost and cancel function
  • Browning controls with reheat options
  • Anti-jam features with auto shut-off
  • USB charging slot


  • Limited features
  • Single serve coffee offers


The Bella 14082 breakfast station puts the fun back in breakfast making with its innovative features!

The Bella 14082 breakfast station is a dual function kitchen appliance that works as a toaster and a coffeemaker in one. It features a beautiful and sleek design that’ll complement any kitchen. But beyond the obvious good looks, the 14082 churns out a steady supply of perfect toasts, warms up halved breads on top of a 14 oz. cup of coffee. The toaster, in particular, comes with various features including a defrost and cancel functions, browning controls with reheat options as well as an anti-jam and shut off feature. Once the toast is done, the toaster will shut off automatically for your safety.

Apart from making breakfast prepping a fun, effortless process, the Bella 14082 is also unique because it comes with a USB outlet that lets you charge your mobile device while prepping your meal at the same time. Talk about convenient!

Finally, no more dealing with low battery while on a rush! We see the 14082 as the perfect breakfast maker for students and young professionals but it can be a great tool for the whole family too! We just wish the 14082 offers more cooking features and perhaps, a more generously sized coffee maker. At the moment, the coffee maker is a single serve type so it can only supply a limited volume of coffee

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